Are Goal Setting Worksheets Worthwhile?

Goal setting worksheets give clarity to your life and focus your mind

Today’s topic is one of goal setting and the use of goal setting worksheets. The video below explains the advantages of long term goals to keep focused on why you are doing what you are doing in your life. Occasions will arise, for what ever reason, that put tremendous stresses on you and keeping yourself in a positive frame of mind is sometimes very hard. If you have clearly defined goals however, particularly long term goals, these will help you clarify in your mind the reason you need to keep going down your chosen path.

Here is what is in this video:

0.12 – I refer to my previous video in order to put some context to the message.

0.32 – When dealing with difficult situation in life, it is important to have a positive mindset.

1.05 – Long term goals (5-10 years) are important, here is an explanation of why.

1.29 – An explain of how the goals are used when you have them written down and clearly defined.

Goal setting worksheets

I am going to provide you with two free goal setting worksheets that you can use to help you define your own unique goals. The worksheets are provided courtesy of my friend and mentor Tina Sibley of The Online Public Speaking Accademy (TOPSA) and I have used them myself. They are a great way to plan out both long term and short term goals. These goal setting worksheets are easy to use, so download them for free >> here <<

Goal Setting Worksheets

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