Beauty Is Before Me

Beauty is Before Me – a therapeutic poem to calm the mind

Hi It’s Chris here and it’s a beautiful sunny morning here up on the Moors. It is seven o’clock and the sun is already right up, it’s hot and there’s a lovely cool breeze, but what a beautiful day…and it just reminds me of a poem that I came across and from what I can make out it’s an Indian Navajo poem, or at least part of one. It’s called Beauty is Before Me and it goes something like this:

Beauty is before me, I walk
Beauty is behind me, I walk
Beauty is above me, I walk
Beauty is all around me, I walk

Now I think this is a fantastic poem. It’s something that is really calming to the mind especially if you take the time to actually find something physical within your environment and just let your mind focus on it. Beauty is Before Me helps take away all the stresses and strains, it just clears the mind completely so that you’ve got a fresh start.

Do the Beauty is Before Me exercise

So if you can do this exercise in the morning, that would be great. It doesn’t matter where you are. I’m lucky, I’m up on the moors here, but you might be in a town, you might be in a city, but you can still take the time, take half an hour, go out and find somewhere and then talk the words through and actually find something of beauty that’s around you for each line of the poem.

Make this a mini ritual, every day, because if you have stresses and strains in your day or you have things going on in your life that maybe you’d rather they weren’t, or you just need to clear your mind and focus on the day ahead, then the Beauty is Before Me method is great. I find it works wonders and I’m sure it will for you. I hope this helps and talk to you soon.

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The words I have used in my video above, appear to originate from a prayer chanted by the Navajo native American Indians and there does not appear to be any one definitive reference, so I have included here, some of the references I have found that contain the majority of the ‘Beauty is Before Me’ extract that I have used.

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