Challenges In Life

Here Are A Couple Of Challenges In My Life – What Are Yours?

We all have challenges in life, but how they affect you all depends on how you deal with them.

Some are most definitely negative and can have a devastating affect on you and those closest to you.

On the other hand, there are those challenges in life that have a really positive outcome, but that are no less difficult to deal with.

In my short video, I talk about two positive challenges that I have currently and below, I have included some details about them:

Challenges In Life No. 1 – The Webinar Challenge

The Wicked Webinar Challenge is being run by my good friend and mentor – Tina Sibley. The idea of the challenge is to introduce people to the concept of marketing yourself and/or your product/business in a positive light and to use the webinar medium to put it across effectively on the Internet.

The challenge is aimed primarily at people who have not tried this sort of thing before, or who have, but would like to improve their presentation skills.

Details of the Webinar Challenge can be found here.

Challenges In Life No. 1 – The 30 Day Challenge

The 30 Day Challenge has been run annually since 2005 by an Australian entrepreneur and Internet Marketer – Ed Dale. The idea of this challenge is to start from scratch and build a solid foundation for marketing on the Internet – and to make your first $1 online.

The challenge is completely free to join and the whole programme is covered in an intensive 30 day period.

This year’s challenge has a completely new stance and an all new set of training objectives with actionable tasks to get you participating fully in the marketing processes.

Details of the 30 Day Challenge can be found here (note the challenge actually started on 1st September so if you are thinking of taking part this year, you will need to get in quick to avoid having to catch up on too much material).

Well I hope that my challenges in life are some that will also benefit you as well. If they are, then I will see you around in the forums for either – or both 🙂

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