Daniel Pomerleau – Free Energy Wizard?

Is Daniel Pomerleau A Wizard Or A Natural Phenomenon?

So how much do you believe (or disbelieve) in things you don’t understand?

This may seem a nonsensical question, but we have been so conditioned in life to only believe in what we have previously been told, that when something comes along that contravenes our beliefs, we automatically put a block up against it.

An example of what I’m referring to here, is a series of articles and conversations that I came across when doing some research into alternative methods of power generation.

There is a guy who lives in Canada; he is an Autistic Savant, and appears to have an amazing ability to control electrical devices and appliances at will.

Yes I know what you’re thinking, because I thought just the same when I first came across references to him.

His name is Daniel Pomerleau and there are some of the most intriguing testimonials from people who have witnessed his abilities – in public demonstrations – many of which have been in front of Electrical engineers.
During my investigations I came across two videos of a witness to one of Daniel’s demonstrations:


Now these videos are only the view point of one person, but I also discovered a forum in which quite a lively discussion was taking place regarding Daniel’s exploits.

So I quite unashamedly borrowed some snippets of conversation from this forum to bolster what I am trying to point out, namely that we should always be open minded enough to at least hear other peoples point of view and then use our own judgement as to whether we ignore or follow up such opinions.

At this point, I will let you make up your own mind, however I will add my two-penneth at the end of this post.

Quotes from OverUnity.com Forum:

« Reply #103 on: April 03, 2007, 02:25:51 AM »
Hello to all.
As I indicated I would be at the April 1st 2007 demonstration given by Mr. Daniel Pomerleau, and so I was. And truly, nothing could have prepared me for what I witnessed during this magnificent 3 hour presentation on self running electric systems.
I went in with my DC ammeter and my trusty compass to detect the slightest magnetic field and with a rampant determination to find the source of his trickery. Someone else came in with his magnetic field meter which was a very sophisticated hand held device that gives out accurate readings. Someone else had a regular volt meter. We were about 50 people in all.
What I should have had was a whole arsenal of instruments in a sealed room with capabilities to do hyper magnetic sensing, Kirilian photography, body scan and an endless host of other devices, but for what. What can we really understand from this child minded adult of 51 years, that does not have a culpable bone in his body, that sees only the good in his fellow man, that can’t even understand what a joke is or what sarcasm is, and who, since age 12 was marveled by his inborn power to control electricity and to put electrical power into unplugged, unconnected electrical objects.
There is nothing on this earth that can prepare you for such an event, as simple as it was, as non glamorous as it was, as low key on the intellectual end as it was, as crude as it was because of those around him not having the polished academic words or gestures. Beyond all this external criteria that one with ample knowledge of the world and of its workings would expect, there was such a simple, honest and direct exposure of a power in man that we all have, but have lost to our other senses and our mind. There was also the open obvious fact that his surrounding help could never accumulate individually or as a group, enough technical and instrumental expertise to cause all these phenomena to happen using trickery. This is not a David Copperfield. This is straight forward, open, no tricks, amazing and worth seeing once in your life.
Mr. Pomerleau is an example of how humans could have evolved. But the way we live and think, it would be like if all humans weighed 1000 pounds each and he would be trying to show us how to high jump. We are so far into our minds, craving the concrete, looking for the obvious, that we will never be able to use his power for human kind. But that’s OK.
Now don’t get me wrong. He is not God, he is not a Messiah, he is not Allah or Jesus returned. He is just an autistic 51 year old adult with 40 years experience in child mind control over electric power. If we were in 1000 BC, we would probably make a huge statute of him and call him Daniel, the God of Electricity. One of his lines was, Man has discovered his science, but has neglected his conscience.
So what did I see, I’ll save this for tomorrows post since I think until now, I still have to digest what I have witnessed. Now I’ll go back to my mad scientists laboratory and continue tinkering with my next invention. Something we humans can use now, while I dream of the Pomerleau world of tomorrow were all will have enough, all the time. Oh yeh.
No way. There is nothing under neath, over neath or even inside neath.

Stefan Hartmann, Moderator of overunity.com forum
« Reply #104 on: April 03, 2007, 03:43:48 AM »
Hi Wattsup, many thanks for the first new report.
If he really puts his tongue between the the hot poles, then it is no DC but very high frequency AC = Radio Frequency  power .
This should be able to being detected with small neon bulbs.
Did anybody take new pictures or videos at this event ?
How does he look alike ?
What age does he seem to be, if you say, he  is still a child at 54 ? Is he like 10 years old or younger or older ?
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.

« Reply #108 on: August 03, 2007, 04:22:46 PM »
Stefan asked me to make a review of my visit to Daniels’ demonstration to follow-up on my first post of my visit there.
Well, you have seen all the photos of open coils, half-hazardously wound and connected with so many others, all mounted on Plexiglass to show there was  nothing else connected, showing small dc motors turning small propellers. All in all the demonstration went through a myriad of these devices, all made in the same general method, no batteries, no exterior connections, no visible or measurable source of constant energy, but regardless, these devices turned on and off seemingly at the will of Daniel.
I was called to the front of the hall several times to measure amperage. Some readings were as follows;
Module #3: 8.6 vdc 2.3 amps
Module #6: 7.7 vdc 4.2 amps
Module #7: Started with mind control. I held the circuit in my hands while he turned it on and the although the on/off switch did not move. He did it from about 3 feet away with his hand held above our heads as if he was reaching into another dimension in space to control the switch. Very weird.
Module #9: 17 vdc 14.5 amps
Also, I held a small dc motor in my hand with just a small 3 inch length of twisted wire leading from each motor terminal to nowhere. Just open circuit. He turned the motor on while it was in my hands. The motor had no obvious manipulation marks such as unbent and re bent end pins, etc. Right out of my hand.
I could go on and on since the demo lasted three hours. But in general, this is it.
He also powered a hand drill, radio and some other devices.
Module #10 was one of his larger devices in the same set-up was producing 185 volts and lit a 100 watt bulb. He also put his tongue on the leads and did not get a shock, plus he lit a cigarette with the leads sparking when held together like a spark gap. Amazing.
So that’s it. I do not want to get more heavily involved in Daniels’ feats of amazement since that is what they are and there is no point to pursue this since you or I will NEVER be able to take advantage of his gift.
One last thing. The whole event was video taped by a woman who was centrally installed on a higher table located in the back of the room. Her camera was pointed to Daniel filming the whole demo. I did not think to ask to view the video or inspect the video camera at the end of the demo and this, in my view, is the only piece left unturned.
The only possibility of trickery could be the video camera was not really a video camera but a static gun or beam of some type that is concentrated and always aimed at or around Daniel. Is it possible that a video camera could be faked to emit some type of beam that hits the Plexiglass and that induces an electrical current therein. This is the only question I have unanswered. Maybe a microwave gun. I am saying this because they said they always video tape the events but they offer no video for sale. So what’s the point.
Anyways, I would forget this as there is no OU answer for humanity here. Only a quagmire and potential waste of time and energy although a very deep curiosity indeed. Something like seeing the Elastic Man or the Hairy Woman at any good circus.

« Reply #109 on: January 02, 2008, 07:52:56 PM »
Anyways, I would forget this as there is no OU answer for humanity here. Only a quagmire and potential waste of time and energy although a very deep curiosity indeed. Something like seeing the Elastic Man or the Hairy Woman at any good circus.
I  would love to see  Daniel  in one of his  demos.
It seems   that this  group has  written him off as a waste of time , as a   entertaining   side show .
There is no  OU here?    There is NOTHING  but  OU  there.
The  fact that you  can’t reproduce  it  means nothing.
What  Daniel  shows people is  simply another way of  doing things.
I have  read posts here that  imply that   EE  education is  a kind of brainwashing . I have to agree .
Daniel is   simply a person that has not  been  brainwashed  AT ALL .  At least not as far as energy  goes.
He  tried to  explain  how it works
Do you know  how to have faith ?
Do you know how observe  something without  using your  head?
We are taught that intelectual   thinking is the  holy  grail ,     the way to solve all problems .
It is not .
Tesla   could  see how  things were going to work before he  built them.
The man that Built  Coral Castle   moved those  huge stones with his mind.
Daniel  can make  things run . .
None of  us  have it all .
We all have our own limitations.
Daniels  limitations are as clear as his  powers;.
The  question is what  do we learn from him?
Personally  I  don’t  see humanity  ever catching  up with  people like Tesla  , as  long  as  we stick mostly  to the EE mentality.
Newton  among  others   changed the  world   .
His  findings  have been taught  as  absolute  fact  for  many years.
The  universe that Newton  showed us  is a dead  universe.
In Newtons  universe even life itself  is   just  a sting of mindless events  unwinding.
The  universe it NOT  dead .
There is a non physical  consciousness that is the basis for ALL physical things.
This consciousness in motion  is  the basis for  what we call energy.
All  physical matter is  then  created from this energy.
Another   way to say this is  ……  there is nothing in  the universe that is not  God.
The  way  to  get closer to  understanding  how Daniel does what he does is by  accepting that  life is more than we  have been taught.
Much of what we have been taught   in effect  keeps us  focused on our  current limitations and the limitations of those   that taught  us.
People like  Daniel  could be showing us   how  we ALL could live someday .
If  Daniel  can   manipulate energy  ,  others can learn to  do it too.
Can I  manipulate energy like  Daniel ?
Like  everyone  else here I have  to many limatations   in that area .
I  do understand  what we  said about needing  faith.
I also understand   what me meant  when he said it wouldn’t work if you think about it to much.
Would it  help  people  understand  what  Daniel  does by   trying to  replicate what he makes ?
No.  His  devices work because he  chooses  for them to work.
He  could just as easly  make  things run with NO  wires at all .
You  could say  that there is no  possable  OU to be found here.
You  could also say that there is NOTHING  but OU .
Tesla   saw that  we are living in an endless see of energy. He was  blacklisted   for trying to  bring that  reality to humanity .
The  groups that  blacklisted Tesla   made  a point  to influence   the academic  world. OU concepts have been  treated like a  disease  ever sense.

« Reply #111 on: January 02, 2008, 10:09:43 PM »
I understand completely what you are saying. I had one of his DC motors in my hand connected to nothing and it was turning full speed. Daniel even shut it off from a distance of about 4 feet away from me, then turned it on again.
The guy is a charm of a nice young minded man. I cannot answer as to how he does it. I only know he is not allowed to divulge how he is doing it. It could be faith.
But my aim was to witness and report an event in the manner that we at OU would expect one to do so under given circumstances. No recorder, no video, no photo. Just meters and sketch pad. The bottom line is yes it is something remarkable, but so are many other guys doing tricks. It’s always remarkable until you know how it works. At OU we “try” to keep a clear head and concentrate on the value this has for humanity. Him trying to show us or explain to us how it works, if it is in the realm of the supernatural phenomena, would be like trying to show an elephant how to fly. Pointless. So the value for OU in the world as far as I can ascertain at this stage is nil, zero.
With over 5 billion people on this rock, there is bound be be many aberrations and in my view Daniel is one of the top on the list.
If you are ever in the Montreal area, find out when the next demo is by contacting Mr. Pierre Fecteau at;
From: “Pierre Fecteau” <pfecteau@sympatico.ca>
I know there was one recently but I could not make it for that date. There will be others.

OK so we have some interesting and VERY controversial opinions being voiced here, but let me ask you what YOU believe?

Maybe to PooPoo the idea of what is happening here, OR maybe you are intrigued enough to find out more.

Which ever way you look at it, this is intreguing stuff and I urge you to do a bit of investigation yourself, because even if this turns out to be a “one man show” and Daniel is performing some sort of ‘mind control’ that cannot be replicated by any method yet known, you have to admit there just may be something in this, even if it’s for a future generation to discover.

Let me leave you with a thought;
If tapping into some sort of “Radient” or “free energy” source is even a remote possibility, would you consider it total nonsense or would you take a more active interest and persue your own investigations into the possibility that we could potentially distance our selves from the “Oil Barons” and “Enery Magnets” of this world and tap into natures resources and be able to harness the unlimited power of the cosmos to our advantage?

For more information see “Daniel Pomerleau Free Energy Coils

If you have interests or some burning desire to let people know what you believe in and would like a way to express yourself (and make a profit), then click on this link to find out more.

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