Journaling with Penzu

I have started journaling with Penzu

Today I have started journaling with Penzu and have upgraded to the Pro service so that I could take advantage of the Mobile app which will allow me to write journal entries on a daily basis, or when ever I think to make an entry and then synchronize the content with my main journal.

Jim Rohn, one of my all time favourite mentors, strongly advocated the use of journals and I thought it about time that I started to use one on a serious basis.

Up until now, I have been writing all my notes in a series of note-books and bits scraps of paper – most definitely NOT the way to keep an organised record of important research and ideas!!

SO I thought it was about time that I became more organised and use a proper journal to log all the important stuff I come across on a daily basis. After all, I am starting an Internet business that requires a huge amount of research and development, so what better way to record all the hard work, ideas and interesting things that come my way.

Why Am I Journaling With Penzu?

One of the really great things about Penzu is that it is an online system and for me that is invaluable. It allows me to jot down my ideas and content directly to a journal entry that I can access at any time.

Here are just some of the benefits of journaling with Penzu:journaling with penzu

  • The system is online and available form anywhere in the world
  • It is easy to access – just sign in and startjournaling.
  • The journal is secure and protected
  • The journal entries are private, unless I decide to share an entry publicly
  • I can easily search through and filter past entries
  • The system is very responsive and automatically saves the content whilst I’m writing
  • It is fun to use
  • Best of all, it is completely free to use
  • The pro upgrade allows me to use the Penzu Mobile App and syncronise the journal content
  • I can make back-ups when required

If you would like to start journaling with Penzu, then click here

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