Online Wealth System Helps Pay The Bills

How an Online Wealth System Helps Pay The Bills

A rant on the infinite wisdom of the Inland Revenue and how I’m working to get out of the bureaucratic tangle that tax credits cause.

0.26 I need to open a new bank account.

1.20 I also need to inform Inland Revenue of the change to my UK Tax credits which help pay my household bills.

2.00 Inland Revenue put a stop on all payments for anything upto 2 months!

2.45 Income from online business goes on day-to-day living and bringing up my children.

3.00 Empower Network comes to the rescue – but it needs consistent effort.

3.58 Internet Wealth Initiative (IWI) group is a great bonus to help build my Empower business.
To find out more about this system, watch these videos.

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