Your chance to take part in the Wicked Webinar Challenge

New to Webinars? Join The Wicked Webinar Challenge

Last night (25th July 2013) I was an attendee to a great webinar hosted by my friend and mentor – Tina Sibley.

Tina is a Public Speaking coach is was announcing the launch of a free Wicked Webinar Challenge.

The challenge is for anyone who needs to start or improve their online public speaking skills, especially aimed at those starting up or wanting to grow their online businesses.

Take part in the Wicked Webinar Challenge

The Wicked Webinar Challenge is due to start on the 1st August (2013) and you will present your webinar in September.

To register for the challenge, go to:

Tina is offering a series of tutorial webinars during August to help you compile you webinar, which can be on any subject.

Week 1: Setting your webinar strategy

Week 2: Putting together a Killer webinar presentation

Week 3: Deciding which webinar platform to use – getting familiar with the techie stuff

Week 4: Promoting Your Webinar – and how to follow up afterwards

She is also offering to review and critique your rehearsals and your final webinar will be judged by the other Wicked Webinar Challenge participants.

Wicked Webinar Challenge

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